All Pro plumbing staff are fully qualified licensed plumbers and highly trained to do all types of gas work,We work around the clock to offer you the highest possible service at a affordable price. We specialize in the following items.

•    Emergency service
•    Locate and repair gas leaks
•    Gas metre installation and upgrades
•    Gas heater installs and upgrades
•    BBQ gas fittings and bayonets.
•    LPG to Natural gas conversions


Do these photos look familiar?…


What you think may look good can be dangerous and costing you money.


This is what your pipes are meant to look like:


An important fact when you upgrade your gas line to copper, your gas pressure will increase for better usage an also save you money.


If you’re concerned about a gas leak don’t try to fix it yourself, call a licensed plumber today on 1300 392 376